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The Dread of Remission

H., a person suffering from cancer over a period of several years, did manage to overcome this malady using conventional chemotherapy. At the time, his doctor told him at their last meeting that he was “totally free” of cancer. There were no radiological or chemical...

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Dreams as Instructions for Healing

A student wrote in who recently had surgery to remove a tumor and is currently receiving chemo. A devout Christian, she shared that she uses the rosary in meditation and prayer for herself and others, often ending with a visualization or mental imagery that I had...

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Trash Talking

Much, or perhaps most conversation you hear or speak about concerns a future or past. However, conversations about the future or past are valueless: the past is dead and gone; and the future is nonexistent, potential at best. I refer to these conversations as trash...

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Contradictory Thoughts

We usually walk around with two contradictory thoughts in consciousness, which adds to a general state of confusion. Commonly, the first thought takes the form of wanting to contemplate the future, take charge of it, control it, run it and the like. Through this...

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Catching the Moment: Overcoming Indecision and Acting

Colette confided in me that her greatest gift was her ability to catch the moment – to take a decisive action, make a choice, or speak out in that moment. What stops us from catching that fleeting moment? Overwhelmingly, I find that doubt is the number one impediment....

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Tips for Manifestation

Mental imagery is a premiere vehicle for manifesting our dreams and hopes. It is the magic of "making inside out." Feeling blue today? Imagine that you open a ‘blue sky umbrella’. Feeling hopeless?See and sense yourself swallow a rainbow. Feeling heartbroken? In your...

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